The Casa del Sole (House of the Sun) is one of the oldest houses on the island. It is a large, traditional two-storey building, surrounded by lush greenery.The holiday accommodation at the Casa del Sole is one of the most well-kept on the island, in the peaceful village of Piscità.
The house is just minutes away from some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, surrounded by yellow broom bushes and bougainvillea, and a short distance away from the path leading to the observatory, from where you can watch Stromboli’s magnificent explosions.

The Casa del Sole has 10 rooms with a large patio and garden with a pergola, there are 38 beds available in the 10 rooms, and a large shared kitchen.

The Casa del Sole provides the special lively atmosphere which is ideal for a group holiday for the young-at-heart.

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